Microsoft Announces Surface Tablets

Microsoft Announces Surface Tablets

Microsoft’s much-anticipated announcement today turned out to be a new pair of tablets, carrying the Surface brand that it has previously used on large-format touch devices. As you’d imagine, it will run Windows 8, and the release date is tied to the launch of the updated OS.

Picture by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Luke over at Gizmodo is across all the launch announcement details, including the fact there’ll be an Intel-based model running Windows 8 Pro — a surprise given the emphasis on ARM for Windows tablets to date. The Surface tablet will also include a kickstand so you can stand it up for viewing.

Competition in the tablet space is always welcome, but it seems we’ll be waiting a while to see if this can dent the iPad and (to a lesser extent) Ice Cream Sandwich Android tablet market. The first ARM-based tablet is expected when Windows 8 launches (which is widely expected to be October), while the Pro model will follow around three months later.

Microsoft Announces Surface Tablet [Gizmodo]


  • What “emphasis on ARM for Windows tablets to date”? All three preview versions of Win8 have been x86 only. I’m sure ARM is important for them moving forward but from everything I’ve seen of Win 8 so far, the focus is still squarely on their core (not Core) x86 market.

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