Unsurprising: Tablet Use Peaks At 9PM

Given the number of evenings I find myself idly browsing a tablet on my couch, this isn’t surprising: Google’s internal measurement data shows that tablet activity peaks in the evening as we settle in to argue about what’s on the TV.

Picture by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In a post on the Google Australia blog, mobile display lead Alexandre Lamvohee notes the trend:

When we look at the activity on tablets, we see a sharp increase towards the end of the night, peaking very late around 9 pm. During that time we do things on the tablet that we enjoy while relaxing: listening to music, updating social media, watching video, researching interests and things we want to buy.

I’m not sure how 9PM qualifies as “very late”, but the trend is evident. The question is: does that mean business-centric tablets such as the Surface will have to try harder to find a role?


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