Turns Out Surface Pro Is A Nightmare To Fix

Turns Out Surface Pro Is A Nightmare To Fix

Australia’s received the short end of the Surface Pro stick, with no details on a local release forthcoming. That said, you might have given it a miss anyway, with tear-down site iFixit handing it a score of one out of ten in the ease-of-repair stakes.

Images: iFixit

In the device’s favour, the battery can be replaced and a new SSD fitted without a lot of grief, if you have the inclination. The only problem is getting to these components without destroying your shiny new gadget.

The first problem is that 90 screws — yes, 90 — hold the case and innards together. If you somehow find the patience to remove these and keep track of where they all go, you’re going to love the adhesive used to glue it altogether. From the iFixit article:

We are starting to miss the old Surface, as we find a metric duckload of adhesive holding the screen in place … We tried every method we could think of to free the screen, including cutting the adhesive, to no avail. This Pro requires a pro method. Thankfully, we have one: we call it the Heat-It-Up-and-Poke-It-Til-It-Does-What-We-Want method. Luckily, we have the required heat gun and guitar picks ready.

Turns Out Surface Pro Is A Nightmare To Fix

Perhaps not getting the first run of Surface Pros is a blessing in disguise; an updated version of the device could hit later on with these issues addressed. Fingers crossed?

Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown [iFixit, via ArsTechnica]


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