Transform Old Wood Into A Stunning Table

Chances are you have wood lying around in your workshop or shed that could be put to better use. DIYer Jimmy DiResta has a great design for a simple table that uses scrap wood.

At Lifehacker, we're all about using things you already have lying around rather than spending money needlessly. Some of that scrap wood is best suited to the fire, but there's a lot that can be done with the more solid pieces. All you need are a few basic tools and Jimmy has provided a video showing the entire process step by step.

It's a versatile design that can be tweaked to your liking or to cater for the size of wood you have. You could create a low-level coffee table for the front room, or something for the garden. Click through to Make to see how it's done.

DiResta: Reclaimed-Wood Table [MAKE]


    Why wouldn't you recess the nuts into the timber? It would give a much cleaner look and could even be hidden with some plugs.

      Style I'm afraid. Not good style, but style nonetheless.

    It's like watching the sims on triple speed.

    Not for me but I like it, very rustic.

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