Add A Carry Clip To Your Multi-Tool And Ditch The Pouch

The popular way to carry a Leatherman or multi-tool is in a pouch that sits on your waist. For an everyday carry style, attach a metal clip that still allows you to open and close the tool.

Leatherman pouches are functional, but not exactly stylish. They also take time to fiddle with and make it obvious you are carrying a knife. Makers have been modding their pouches for years, but this clip might just be the most elegant solution.

Start with a Leatherman Surge or large multi-tool and 1/4" cold rolled steel metal rod. Bend and cut the rod into the clip shape needed, then weld the ends of the rod onto the Leatherman on the open side.

After welding on the clip, your multi-tool won't open. To remedy that use a coping saw with a metal blade and cut through the middle of the clip.

When finished, your Leatherman will slide easily into your pocket and be held in place by the clip.

DiResta Leatherman Clip [Jimmy DiResta (YouTube)]


    And be fined in Victoria for carrying something with a blade.

      It's not illegal to carry if you can show purpose to having it. My leatherman lives in my pocket where ever I go, you never know when you'll need a screw driver, scissors, file pliers, wirestrippers, a saw or God forbid a knife to cutting something.

      The rule of thumb is if you call it a pocket knife you don't need it, if you call it a leatherman or a multitool you probably use it. I'm also a landscaper so I use stuff like this often for its intended purpose. Course it being covered in grass and dirt probably helps show its not there as a weapon.

    Or you know, just buy leatherman's belt clip.

      Haha you beat me to it, all that effort when there is a perfect solution from leatherman which is also cheap. Shows that whoever wrote the article has never actually owned a leatherman.

    Plus, a coping saw is used for cutting curves in wood.

    Lucky he has that dremmel because those welds were pretty rough looking

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