DIY Bottle Opener From Scrap Wood

DIY Bottle Opener From Scrap Wood

Whether you’re trying to save money or you just continually lose those tiny bottle openers, DIY website Instructables shows us how to make a bottle opener out of a piece of scrap wood, one nut and one bolt.

We’ve shown you a few ways to open bottles using household objects, but if you’d like something a bit more reliable (but just as free), you can use an old piece of scrap wood to make a perfect bottle opener that will last you awhile (and is much harder to lose).

The video makes it seem like a pretty drawn-out process, but you really don’t need the heavy-duty upright power tools to pull this off. Just find a small piece of wood (seriously, you really don’t need to measure it), drill a quick hole in it, and pop the nut and bolt in there. Check out the video to see it in action.

Scrap Wood Bottle Opener [Instructables]


  • Why do people insist on slapping things to open bottles? It’s not required in most instances and certainly not in this one. It’s not like it’s impressive. You could knock up a perfectly serviceable opener using a bolt/screw and scrap wood in less time than it took to watch this video.

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