Briefly: NASA Teases Watery Worlds, 'The Shat' To Land In Australia, Police Raid Australian Xbox Hacker With Battering Ram

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including PlayStation 4 one day on, police raid Xbox hacker, William Shatner coming to Australia.

  • It's been one day on from the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 console. Our colleagues over at Kotaku have given a thorough debriefing of the past 24 hours. They also drum up some interesting comparisons to the PlayStation 3 launch in 2006.
  • NASA has announced a fresh mission to explore Jupiter's moons in more detail than ever before. The moons are thought to harbor vast water oceans beneath their icy surfaces.
  • Geek icon William Shatner is heading to Australia — and he wants to meet you. Shatner will be landing in Oz soon to shoot some episodes of his show, Brown Bag Wine Tasting, and he's put the call out for helpers to contact him on Twitter.
  • The Western Australian Police, in conjunction with the FBI, have raided the house of an Australian who tried to sell a next-generation Xbox dev-kit on eBay. Dan Henry — AKA SuperDaE — awoke to find the police on his front doorstep with a battering ram. "They then went to the living room, and they took everything,” Henry says. "Around ten servers are gone, hard drives from over a decade ago right up to today, they picked up everything. My Retina MacBook Pro is gone, too." You can read the full report here.


    Shatner will be in town for comic-con. The episodes of his show are just a productive way to spend his spare time and get to know the place.

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