Briefly: Anonymous Hacker Arrest, Photo Colourisation, Cancer Hacks

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: How to treat and beat cancers, alleged Anonymous hackers arrested in Australia, are colourised photos rewriting history?

  • Zero Latency is a large-scale Australian virtual reality project that chucks you in a warehouse, straps an Oculus Rift to your noggin and unleashes the zombie apocalypse. It looks amazing and terrifying in equal measures. Head to Gizmodo to learn more.
  • You want Apple iPhone 6 rumours? We got 'em!
  • Just in case the PlayStation 4 wasn't sleek and elegant enough for you, there's now a wooden version available thanks to German tech outfit Balolo. Head to Kotaku and drool at the pictures.
  • Australian Federal Police have arrest two alleged Anonymous hackers. The two men, from Sydney and Western Australia, are accused of targeting Australian and international networks for intrusion, data theft and disruption. Read the full story here.
  • There's a new online trend where artists meticulously add colour to old black-and-white photography to give us a new perspective on history. But are these colourised photos remotely accurate? Gizmodo investigates.
  • Being diagnosed with cancer is often compared to being kicked in the gut — by a Clydesdale. But if caught soon enough, many of the disease’s 200 iterations offer more than even survival rates, five years down the line. Click here for an overview of the most common cancers and the best ways to treat them.


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