Briefly: EB Games Starts Selling PlayStation 4, Preview Docs In Google Drive, YouTube Adds Foreign Language Captioning Service

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including EB Games selling PlayStation 4, YouTube adds professional captioning service, preview files in Google Drive.

  • Google has added a proefessional foreign language caption service to YouTube that will allow users to broadcast their videos to a global audience. "Now you can connect directly with translation vendors and pay to get your captions translated quickly and professionally," the search giant explains. The service is currently available for 36 languages.
  • Google also debuted a new file-previewing feature for Google Drive. It's now possible to preview more than 30 file types including photos, videos and PDFs and flip between files until you find the one you want. "You can select and copy text from the preview — even for a PDF or Microsoft Word document — or use the zoom buttons to see a file in more detail," boasts Google.
  • Official pricing has yet to be announced for the PlayStation 4, but that hasn't stopped EB Games from accepting pre-orders. The retailer is setting the price at a purely speculative $899. You can board the hype train here.


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