Briefly: New Google Input Tools, BBC Global Sports App, 30% Off PlayStation Plus Membership

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including BBC's global sporting app for iPhone, new input tools for Google Translate and PlayStation Plus savings.

  • has opened its sports mobile application to users worldwide. The free app, which is currently limited to iPhone and iPod touch devices, provides instant BBC sports coverage via news, live scores, stats, commentary and on-the-fly analysis. The app menu can be customised to focus on select sports including international football, UK rugby and the upcoming F1 season.
  • Sony has slashed the price of PlayStation Plus membership today in a bid to lure more users to its premium online gaming service. From 7 to 21 February, the 90 day membership will be available for AUD$13.45, a saving of more than 30 per cent. Existing PS Plus members can also take advantage of the deal by stacking another 90 days on top of their current membership. Pay a visit to the PlayStation Plus website for more information.
  • Google has successfully integrated its input tools into Google Translate. "With the right transliteration input tools turned on, you can simply type “privet” to input привет, “tieng chao” for tiếng chào, and “nihao” for 你好," the search giant explains. More information can be found here.
  • Twitter today released the latest update to its social networking app for Android and iOS. Some of the improvements in the new release include all content (Tweets, Activity, Trends) appearing in a single stream, improved search functionality and the ability to visit linked websites in one click.


    Another IOS only product for a market where the dominant platform is now Android...

    Good work, Auntie.

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