Ubuntu Mobile OS Will Come To Phones In 2014

Ubuntu Mobile OS Will Come To Phones In 2014

Canonical took the wraps off its Ubuntu mobile operating system today. Ubuntu for Android combines the Android mobile operating system and the Linux-based desktop OS, so when you dock the handset, you get the full desktop OS. Android manufacturers are expected to start rolling out these devices early next year.

The mobile version of Ubuntu is built around Google’s Android OS, and it promises to take advantage of multi-core handsets to bridge both the mobile experience of Android and the productivity of the Ubuntu desktop experience. So you can have one address book, inbox, set of bookmarks and call log in one device. You’ll be able to dock (or undock) your phone to a keyboard, mouse and large monitor to seamlessly switch from mobile to desktop mode.

The Verge reports that the Ubuntu handsets will be arriving in early 2014, with features such as unique gestures for app switching, universal search and built-in voice commands.

What do you think of these upcoming dockable phones?

Ubuntu for Phones [Ubuntu via The Verge]


  • So all android phones with 1 ghz can be wiped and ported to ubuntu .. holy Shit ..
    Hope some one will come with a way to install it on iphone .. i remember those days when they made “IPHODROID ” the project is dead i guess ! 🙁

  • I’m a little confused after reading the article, I might be looking at this wrong but it seems that [to me] the author is mixing two different Ubuntu projects up. With Ubuntu for Android, Ubuntu runs on top [or along side of] Android and you can use both of them simultaneously eg. when docked you can use Android applications on the monitor/TV.

    What I’ve read so far is that this is separate from Android operating system altogether, the only thing it uses is the hardware and library/drivers, this is Ubuntus own operating system and you cannot use Android applications when docked.


    Is this right?

  • As long as there’s a standard interface so you don’t have to buy a new dock every time you upgrade your phone, I’m interested.

    I wouldn’t mind trialling it in the office, we have a pretty mobile workforce who might find it useful.

  • Seems to state that the new project or upgrades to the existing project will mean that Ubuntu for mobile is based closely around the Android OS. This means it should be able to use all the same drivers etc for the hardware as is used on the Android system, but will also have all the features of this Ubunutu project that you refer to…. That’s just my take/understanding

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