Turn A Cheap Stapler Into A Booklet Stapler

If you want to staple standard office paper into a booklet, you need a long arm stapler — standard desktop staplers are not long enough to staple the middle of a page. Specialised booklet staplers can cost $40 or more, but with some aluminium rectangular tubing, a hacksaw and a drill you can augment a bargain store stapler and give it much more reach.

Instructables user kenyer disassembled the donor stapler, cut two pieces of aluminium stock to size and formed them into a U-beam, and attached the two pieces of aluminium stock to the stapler using screws at a 90-degree angle. Now the stapler doesn't need to be as long to access the spine of your booklet.

DIY Booklet Stapler [Instructables]


    If this project took me an hour i would just pay the $40 for the correct tool.
    My time is worth WAY more than $40/hour

    A quick search on ebay came up with a branded long-arm stapler for $35 shipped, and no-name ones for less than $10 shipped. Not sure this was worth posting giz....

      You beat me to it, to which I was going to add, the $40 would be tax deductable, taking it down to say maybe $25 - $30.

      That being said, if you're a student, then it's probably well worth it.

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