Use A Stapler Instead Of A Pen To Keep A Journal When You're Too Busy

Use a Stapler Instead of a Pen to Keep a Journal When You're Too Busy

A lot of people want to keep a journal or diary in order to flip through memories, but they just can't find the time. Joe Reddington felt that way, so he devised a solution with a stapler and tape.

You don't have to write down memories to keep them. After all, many of them come from what you actually do and you simply need something relevant to remind you of that event. Instead of writing, you can just attach that memento to a page. Joe explains:

So, every year since about 2005, I've bought a day-to-a-page yearly diary, of the type you can see above. Roughly once a week, or couple of weeks I sit in front of the TV with a stapler and attach the receipts, ticket stubs, and train tickets that I've accumulated into the diary on the right date. Bang! Instant memories.

If you find yourself too busy to write in a journal, consider attaching items instead. It might not look as elegant, but you'll save time and get the same outcome.

The diary for people too busy to write one [Joe Reddington]


    I don't do this every year, but I've probably done it for 4-5 years out of the past 15. Not elegant, but it does work.

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