'Stop Waiting For Someone To Give You Permission To Do Things'

Former digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur Kate Kendall gave a talk at Creative Mornings in which she asserted that the need for permission isn't real. It's a barrier we create or an excuse we make to prevent ourselves from getting things done.

When you want something and you haven't gone after it, sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself what you're waiting for. Who are you waiting to give you permission? What moment will finally encourage you to take the first step? Sometimes we're lucky enough to get that push we need from another or to have people that believe in us that cheer us on along the way. Most of the time, however, we don't. Perhaps motivation will find you, but you better your chances when you stop waiting and seek it out yourself.

Stop Waiting [Swissmiss]


    If you like this quote, you will like Seth Godin's book 'Poke the Box'

    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

    Advice more effective for startups than for people in established companies with extreme concerns about legal liability.

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