You Don't Need Permission To Start Your Dream Job Or Business

You Don't Need Permission to Start Your Dream Job or Business

We've all been there. You have an idea for a project but you don't get started on it. You're timid and worried about failing, and so you seek advice from someone else or wait for the right circumstances. Here's the truth though: you don't need anyone's permission.

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Personal finance blog I Will Teach You to Be Rich explains how many of us want to get started on personal projects but keep finding reasons not to. We'll wait for the right circumstances, ask a mentor whether we should, or look for some kind of outside cue. The author has one piece of advice for people in that situation: stop waiting, start doing.

But we ALSO have new opportunities available that our parents did not. Do you realise you're reading a free email that I send every 2-3 days to over 250,000 people? Do you know I'm writing this from my couch in NYC in the middle of the day? And you're reading this, plus god knows how many other blogs, all with instant free access? When else could this have been possible? ...The truth is, you already have the skills to do it. We can stop waiting for the mythical day that the stars align and get started now.

You might not succeed at exactly what you hope to achieve. You may even fall on your face. But even at the worst, it will be a better learning experience than doing nothing. Failure is how you get better. So, don't let being afraid keep you from taking that most crucial first step.

How to start on your bucket list this year [I Will Teach You to Be Rich via Rockstar Finance]


    I want to start a store but i need finances for that. I can't exactly just run down the road open a building and start living the dream today.

      start an online store then...less captial I'm guessing

      Get a business plan and start looking for investors.

    With the oppressive nature of employment contracts these days, you probably do need permission, actually.

    It's absurd but true, even in relatively menial jobs there are non-compete and "must notify" clauses in relation to moonlighting and running a business on the side.

    Great article. Going from Day Job to Dream Job is an intense process—not to be taken lightly. I see similarities with jail-breaking your day job and escaping Shawshank. Andy went from PLAN to PRISON to PAYOFF. But if you ask him, I think he'd say it was worth it.

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