Look At The Soles To Find Quality Men's Dress Shoes

Every guy needs at least one good pair of dress shoes. When it's time to invest in your next pair, keep in mind these shoe shopping tips from men's fashion blog Kinowear. They will help you differentiate the quality shoes from the cheap ones.

The soles of the shoes can be a big quality indicator. They should have stitched (rather than glued) soles, be made out of leather, and at least a 6mm thick. Kinowear also suggests looking at the welt — the seam where the sole meets the upper part of the shoe:

It should be visible, but it shouldn't extend so far past the edge of the shoe that it creates a ledge.

Make sure that any oxford-style shoes don't lace so tightly that the shoe edges meet. If they do, get a narrower fit or size.

Check out the full article on Kinowear to learn more about men's dress shoes.

A Simple Guide on Dress Shoes [Kinowear via PS]

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    Agree with the points except for the toe box - I cannot wear pointed shoes, they tend to be for narrower feet and mine are wide. You end up crushing the front of your foot, or otherwise the toe box is 5cm of just empty space. Fashion is one thing, but when it is being more than uncomfortable, it's just stupid.

    I think it's more that the toe should be rounded than square. I'd say pointed is too far, it's in the same boat as square toes. If you invest in a decent pair like churchs, barker, trickers etc, you'll find their toe design is rounded yet you don't get the abunadance of space in the toe box. Plus if you get a goodyear welted shoe, you can replace your sole every year and the rest of the shoe just gets better with ages as the leather softens and molds to your feet.

    I'm happy with my elaborate cowboy boots as dress shoes.

    I find the shoes people wear says a lot about them. You really notice personality differences between someone who wears $20 "dress shoes" and those who get quality shoes.

      And those that think "elaborate cowboy boots" are dress shoes.

    "Every guy needs at least one good pair of dress shoes."

    Lost me on the first, manifestly false, sentence.

      Feel free to wear sneakers and thongs everywhere, see how far that gets you.

        I haven't worn or owned a pair of "dress shoes" since I was at school. I don't think I know a single grown-up who wears them. Where is it I'm supposed not to have got?

          I don't know a single grown-up who doesn't wear them, or at least owns a pair for when the occasion to wear them arises. Have you never been to a wedding or funeral? Never been to any sort of event that requires dressing up a bit? If not, it's pretty certain that at some point you will, and you'll look like a chump turning up to an event like that in sneakers.

            There's no such thing as an event that 'requires' dressing up, because there are no clothing requirements for anyone other than noncivilians and children.

            Yep, I've been to funerals aplenty (increasing numbers as I'm in my 50's), and weddings, including my own. Never been 'required' to wear any particular footwear, and never owned "dress shoes". I have only ever used sneakers for running.

    i recently purchase a new rockport shoes for work purposes...the last shoes from rockport last me 4 years...and that's after a replacement sole
    yeah...im a cheap bastard

    Disagree with lace-ups always looking better with a suit than slip-ons. I prefer slip-ons as they tend to look less fussy, and a nice pair of slip-ons will always look better than a cheap school-shoe looking lace-up.

    As someone who is required to wear business clothes because that "IS" the general culture if you are not a tradie or in IT, this advice is right on the money.

    I can get welt construction (fully stitched - no glue) full leather shoes on sale for under $300 and have them last 4 years with 2 or sometimes 3 sole replacements. Go to Florsheim sales!

    Cheapies do not last me beyond 6-9 months and look crap. One good wet weather soaking and the soles peel back as the glues are only semi-water resistant. And you cannot replace the whole sole, only glue on a new layer of rubber.

    Plus the glues in the cheapies are nasty as they are formaldehyde based. W.H.O. says formaldehyde is a carcinogen with no minimum exposure limit. So sweating your feet inside unbreathable PVC clogs for 8 hours a day exposed to carcinogenic formaldehyde as well as hormone-disruptive plasticizers makes me wonder about how much this sort of exposure may be a source of our ever increasing cancer rate.

    Leather rules! Take that PETA!

    The pointy-ness, squareness, elongated-ness of the toe is only fashion. Remember cockroach crushers? So go classic in style (not school boy) and it doesn't date you as a fashion victim in a time warp.

    I'm not sure why they refer to these as "dress" shoes.. They are just shoes.

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