Kindle Paperwhite Now Available To Australia

When Amazon last upgraded its Kindle range, it wasn't surprising that the Kindle Fire didn't ship here, given its heavy integration with US-specific services. It was more annoying that the Kindle Paperwhite wouldn't ship here either, but that has now changed, as Amazon appears to be happily shipping the Paperwhite to Australia.

The new shipping arrangement was spotted over at OzBargain, although it appears a little inconsistent. I was able to place an order for a Paperwhite to ship to Australia, but Lifehacker editor Gus wasn't (and nor was Luke over at Gizmodo. If you're keen on the Paperwhite, the base model (including standard shipping) will cost you around $150 at current exchange rates.

Kindle Paperwhite from [OzBargain]


    Seemed to work for me, though I had to order it as a US edition, wait till I got the shipping error, and go through and change it to Australia.

      Was pretty stoked when I heard about this yesterday. This process is the easiest way to do it ... how hard can it be to have an website??

    pre-ordered 2 when they were released last October for delivery to hotel into the US (I was travelling there last Nov). Fantastic bit of kit - very impresses - best reader yet.

    Too late, ditched my Kindle and bought a Kobo Glo before Christmas.

      Yep! I did too, it was a bit cheaper and the specs are almost identical. Plus you can add an SD card for extra space. All that tripe about the back-lighting not being as good as the PaperWhite was just that, Tripe! :)

    Just ordered. My 2nd gen Kindle got damaged and was about to get a new one when they released the paperwhite been holding on till available in Australia. So pretty stoked.

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