Lifehacker Australia Is Hiring!

Lifehacker Australia Is Hiring!

Want to work as a journalist for one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing technology sites? We’re looking to expand the Lifehacker Australia team with a new full-time journalist position in our Sydney office.

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The position would suit someone who is already working as a journalist in a business or technology-focused area. You’ll be writing across the full range of Lifehacker topics, from finding the best-value phone plan to the best strategies to advance your career. We want someone who is efficient, accurate, hard-working and excited about technology.

Interested? Email our editor Angus Kidman at [email protected] and explain how you’d be the right fit for the job.


  • Basically because we’d collectively goof around without authority around us. If this were not the case then there’d be no such thing as an ‘office’.

    Edit: Should have been in reply to stetner

  • In the end, as you fade into the night. Who will tell the story of your life? A legacy is all that we can hope of us to carry on after we are gone; evidence that we did indeed once exist. To live a life, forgotten in the blink of an eye as soon you depart. What was the purpose, the meaning? An exhaustion of the most invaluable commodity on the face of this universe; time.

    Treat your time like currency, for that is what it is. We’re all born with only a pre-allocated amount of time. We’re pre-loaded human credit cards. When you choose to spend your time on a designated task, experience, or event, you are spending the credit that was credited to your body when you were first born, you do not get it back.

    Live your life; do not hide from it. Make mistakes and have no regrets. And so I ask you one more time: when you have spent all of your credit, who will tell the story of your life?

    I have a deeply invested interest in the opportunity to work for a community as exciting and progressive as Lifehacker. Thank you for your time, Angus.

      • The only thing awkward are your communicative skills. You mean to say I am either pretentious, or I am a wanker; not both. As I’m either being so prim and proper that it’s hard to view me as anything but pompous. Or you are calling me awkward; the implication being that I was a jester at an improper time for comedic value. One who can have a laugh at himself is not also one who needs a jester in his own kingdom to replace his own lack of humour. Your two adjectives are antithetical to each other: one being the jester, and one the king.

        It’s either that, or you slung together the first two semi-coherent slurs in your brain to muster a unique-but-not-necessarily-accurate offence at one. At least try. That is all I ask. Now you seem more like a ”pretentiously awkward wanker”.

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