Lifehacker Australia Is Hiring!

Want to work as a journalist for one of Australia's largest and fastest-growing technology sites? We're looking to expand the Lifehacker Australia team with a new full-time journalist position in our Sydney office.

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The position would suit someone who is already working as a journalist in a business or technology-focused area. You'll be writing across the full range of Lifehacker topics, from finding the best-value phone plan to the best strategies to advance your career. We want someone who is efficient, accurate, hard-working and excited about technology.

Interested? Email our editor Angus Kidman at and explain how you'd be the right fit for the job.


    You couldn't pay me to live in Sydney.

      Agreed. So many jobs can be done remotely now, but businesses still hesitate to employ people remotely. I do not understand why.

        Why hire someone to work remotely when there are plenty of journalists in Sydney desperate for full-time work? It's far more preferable to conduct interviews in person and less risky to hire someone local than interstate. And while it's the editor's prerogative to work remotely when it suits them, it's rarely ideal to have your editorial team working from different locations. Been there, done that, and it's a headache.

      you would have a price, everyone does.

        Nah...not for that.

      Well, I think they may have some good news for you then!

    Basically because we'd collectively goof around without authority around us. If this were not the case then there'd be no such thing as an 'office'.

    Edit: Should have been in reply to stetner

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    In the end, as you fade into the night. Who will tell the story of your life? A legacy is all that we can hope of us to carry on after we are gone; evidence that we did indeed once exist. To live a life, forgotten in the blink of an eye as soon you depart. What was the purpose, the meaning? An exhaustion of the most invaluable commodity on the face of this universe; time.

    Treat your time like currency, for that is what it is. We're all born with only a pre-allocated amount of time. We're pre-loaded human credit cards. When you choose to spend your time on a designated task, experience, or event, you are spending the credit that was credited to your body when you were first born, you do not get it back.

    Live your life; do not hide from it. Make mistakes and have no regrets. And so I ask you one more time: when you have spent all of your credit, who will tell the story of your life?

    I have a deeply invested interest in the opportunity to work for a community as exciting and progressive as Lifehacker. Thank you for your time, Angus.

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      Well, this is just embarassing.


      Sorry Alex, the job opening was for a journalist, not a pretentiously awkward wanker.

      Last edited 17/12/12 12:37 pm

        The only thing awkward are your communicative skills. You mean to say I am either pretentious, or I am a wanker; not both. As I'm either being so prim and proper that it's hard to view me as anything but pompous. Or you are calling me awkward; the implication being that I was a jester at an improper time for comedic value. One who can have a laugh at himself is not also one who needs a jester in his own kingdom to replace his own lack of humour. Your two adjectives are antithetical to each other: one being the jester, and one the king.

        It's either that, or you slung together the first two semi-coherent slurs in your brain to muster a unique-but-not-necessarily-accurate offence at one. At least try. That is all I ask. Now you seem more like a ''pretentiously awkward wanker''.

        Last edited 04/09/14 9:22 am

    maybe not following instructions will not get you the job, rather than not being in sydney...?

      Worst. Legacy. Ever.

      Maybe realising it was satirical would help. Humour is a blessing in disguise, but when it takes the sun glasses and trench coat off, you'll wish it never strayed from you to begin with.

    Did you finally get rid of Sam and Jesus?!?!

      They write for Gizmodo US, not Lifehacker Australia.

      We sure did. Nailed 'em to a cross about 1979 years ago.

      Sam lived though. Went to join Mr. Frodo in the Grey Havens after his wife died.

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