Cool Your Laptop With Bottle Caps

Cool Your Laptop With Bottle Caps

Old laptops running hot become a particular problem in summer. If you need a quick fix for an overheating machine, you can increase the airflow by propping the laptop up on four plastic bottle caps from larger soft drink bottles.

Reddit user afhn_ shares this tip, which also works well with console gaming systems. If you have ongoing heat issues, you should consider buying a chill mat, building your own stand or giving your system a makeover.

LPT: Use bottle caps as your laptop cooling pad [Reddit]


  • So let me get this straight. You place a bottle cap under each corner of the laptop and they’re not connected, just sitting there? And when you use the laptop it stays nice and solid on the table? Riiiight …!

      • Do yourself a favour, actually do this! Not just for five or ten minutes, do a full session , or at least an hour of full on use, and then tell me how stable it was to use? In order for this to be useful imo, you need to actually connect the caps to your machine and I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen! As for better solutions, there’s a plethora of different ways. that are miles in front of this silliness..!!

  • Yeh the only way I could see this being convenient is Plugging an external keyboard and mouse onto the laptop and possibly the use of stuckytape/bluetack just to seal it somewhat so that each time you minisculely bump it, it doesnt fall over, that said my Ultrabook is completely solid with no moving parts and never ever overheats even while playing Diablo 3 with full graphics, like a baws.

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