What The Questions In Job-Related Personality Tests Really Mean

If you've ever had to take a personality test when applying for a job, you're well aware the answers to the questions are far from obvious. The Wall Street Journal put together a list of some of the common questions and what the answers really mean.

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The questions on these personality tests range from seemingly obvious points such as "True or False: I like parties and socials" to the much more ambiguous "On television, I usually prefer watching an action movie than a program about art". The action movie question, it turns out, is actually looking to see if you're more fact-focused or creative.

Unfortunately, you won't find a sure-fire correct way to answer the questions, but knowing what your answers really mean can help you get through your next test. Head over to the Wall Street Journal for a breakdown of the most common personality questions you'll see.

True or False: These Tests Can Tell if You Are Right for This Job [Wall Street Journal]


    The other thing to remember is that personality tests don't actually have right or wrong answers. The idea is that some personalities are better suited to some roles. This cuts both ways:

    If an individuals personality is accurately matched to their job, the organization benefits because the employee will do a better job. The employee will benefit too, because they'll like the job more.

    My point: don't try to cheat the test. Besides the fact most tests have a hidden 'lie' scale, your doing yourself a disservice anyway.

    I have a problem with these tests where I'm really not sold on any of the options.
    Yet I have to choose one!
    I don't know if they have a timer on each question, but they ought to.. The longer you take, the less "sure" you are of the answer.

      In this circumstance, I just add an extra box and write in my opinion, then tick that one :)

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