Instagram Web Profiles Let You Browse Other People's Photos

Instagram has always been a fun way to share photos with your friends, but with one big drawback: you can only view it on your phone. This week, Instagram is finally rolling out web profiles so you can browse photos from your computer.

While there were a lot of unofficial Instagram profiles for the web, Instagram has finally released its own, and it's quite pretty. You have a Facebook-like "cover photo" above your profile photo, but the cover photo is actually a rotating collage of your pictures. You can scroll down to see your entire library of photos, including likes and comments. It's simple, but a crucial feature Instagram was missing.

The new profiles are rolling out gradually, so if you don't see it yet, check back throughout the week and you should see your profile pop up at Hit the Instagram announcement link below to read more.

Announcing Instagram Profiles on the Web! [Instagram Blog]


    Great, now anyone can officially steal someone's picture, professional or not, with a simple right click. Good job Facebook....

      Instead of all that effort taking a screenshot

    There are a lot of other services out there that provide a superior experience compared to this 'official' webpage; for example is outstanding.

    PRO: It's the official site (thus official links), pretty clean layout
    CON: Does not support hashtags (wtf, that's a massive part of the Instagram community).

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