Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Based Game Console

Oh the things you can do with a Raspberry Pi. Here's one more option: Turn the tiny, inexpensive computer into a game console that runs a homebrew cross-platform game engine.

As you can imagine, this isn't a trivial project you can complete without some technical know-how. Guillermo Amaral, the engineer behind the Marshmallow Entertainment System (MES), has, however, shared his hardware specifications and the source code for this project. Still in development (there's no case yet and external USB storage may be added), the final build will enable the MES to be controlled by one or two Wii Classic controllers. Amaral built his own Linux distro, which as you can see in the video above, boots pretty fast.

See the whole MES system progress for ideas and the code to get started with your own DIY game console and Raspberry Pi.

Marshmallow Entertainment System [Gamaral via TechHive]


    MES is not as half as good as emulationstation which acts as a great GUI and which plays many Arcade Games...

    Thats a nice idea if it was possible to purchase a "Raspberry Pi", Im still waiting for RS to get some stock in

      Should have gone with Element14. I already had an account with RS so i ordered one through them when they were first released(30th of june). My RS order arrived last week. In the mean time i have 2 more ordered and delivered from Element14.

      Looking at reports online, Element14 seems to be more reliable and have a faster turnaround on stock shipments.

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