Windows 8 Built-In Apps Get Updated

Windows 8 officially goes on sale on October 26, but the updating process continues. Microsoft has tweaked a stack of the built-in Windows 8 apps, including SkyDrive, Mail and Weather.

According to the official Windows 8 blog, the updates will roll out between now and the official launch date. (You'll be able to tell if you have updates as a numeric indicator will appear on the Stores tile on your Start screen.)

The most notable changes are in the SkyDrive app, which will allow you to search within SkyDrive and perform more file maintenance tasks, and in Mail, which now has full IMAP support. Some of the other updates (such as changes to Bing, Travel and Stocks) are likely to make minimal difference to Australia. Hit the blog post for the full list of changes.

Updating our built-in apps for Windows 8 [Building Windows 8]


    On a PC the Desktop applications for mail, messaging, Office etc. are way better than their Metro counterparts. However if I get a 7" WinRT tablet having decent Metro apps would be kind of necessary.

      No, they aren't. The email app is great compared to Windows Mail, Reader is something MS have never had before and apps like Weather are much better than using Gadgets on the desktop. Some are definitely not as good - the music app is an unmitigated disaster - but overall they are OK.

    I haven't tried the new Weather app, but I'll say this
    The Weather app included with the first Win8 Developer Preview with the full background animations was the best one

    Though I'd rather have the weather available in the dash or calendar (while I'm actually planning my week) somewhere instead of having to fire up the app to find out something as trivial as weather

    Imagine if you had to fire up an app to see Wifi networks available, or to see the current time...

    The only problem in Windows 8 is going between the desktop environment and the UI formerly known as Metro layer. I am in the desktop and I open a video file, why does Windows then take me to the Video Metro App which is a fullscreen, just playback app, why not Windows Media Player which is a desktop 'legacy' app. Its this jarring switching which I don't like.

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