SkyDrive Changing To OneDrive Isn't Great News For Developers

Microsoft is changing the name of its SkyDrive cloud storage service to OneDrive. That's going to create an issue for developers who have integrated SkyDrive saving into their Windows applications.

Microsoft's official blog post announcing the change contains some blather about the service offering "one place that is seamlessly connected across the devices you love", but sidesteps the real reason for the switch: it was involved in a legal dispute with UK pay TV broadcaster BSkyB over the name. We're told the service name will change "soon" (though not when), and that the transition process will be "smooth".

One aspect that's likely to be fiddly is changing existing Windows apps which use SkyDrive (something Microsoft actively encourages. The code to do that often explicitly references SkyDrive by name. While Microsoft can probably get away with keeping the old references for compatibility for a while, it's still a nuisance.


    God I wish this American company would tell this UK company to go eat a bouquet of dicks. Sick of these stupid disputes for people protecting their "brand" over common words.

      I have to be honest I have never heard "skydrive" used in common usage.

        The word Sky apparently infringes on SkyTV's brand. Microsoft are no longer allowed to use Skyanything in the UK, so they're re-branding the whole service.

        To me, it rates right up there with Microsoft suing a glazier over the word "Windows".

        Last edited 28/01/14 10:54 am

      "go eat a bouquet of dicks"

      Eloquent. I hereby award you an internet because of this comment.

    Although I do agree it's the word sky combined with another word not the word alone.

    This is a bit of an odd reaction to Microsoft's rebranding announcement. We've known for months that Microsoft agreed with BSkyB to stop using the SkyDrive brand. Whatever it got changed to would have had the same impact on developers, so how is this article a relevant response to that rebranding?

    As for some of the other comments, I agree. Irrespective of whether it actually infringes BSkyB's trademark or hurts their brand (which is frankly inconceivable to me), Microsoft really need to recognise the importance of brand identity and market positioning. SkyDrive is the only product of the *8 generation that has been universally praised. It works, and works incredibly well, and everyone loves it. Why not capitalise on that? Apple get it - hence the licensing of IOS from Cisco. I think this is one of Microsoft's biggest weaknesses and something they need to focus on.

    If it's just a name change, shouldn't 1) there be a grace period for developers to drop the SkyDrive moniker and 2) if it's just a name change, should the code just entail a find & replace?

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