The Orbital Control Windows Desktop

Many of the desktops we feature are minimal, practical and elegant. This one is not the most practical when you have apps open, but it reminds us a bit of a computer display from a sci-fi film. Flickr user Aaron Lloyd shared this with us, and boy is it packed with tools and information.

If you want the same look for your Windows desktop, here are the components you'll need:

  • The wallpaper from Wallbase (image originally from NASA)
  • The Rainmeter system configuration and management utility for Windows
  • The Hi-Tech Desktop theme for Rainmeter to create the circular menus, globe, time and date, weather conditions, volume slider on the right, system montioring meters, and recycle bin widgets
  • The Illustro Rainmeter skin (built-in) for the inbox widget, Google search and RSS feed monitor
  • The Cityscapes Rainmeter skin, which we can't find to save our lives (if someone has a link, post it in the comments below!) to create the centre clock and date.

This one has a lot of overlapping elements, so if you like some of the elements here, you could probably apply them to your own desktop and retain some clear and open space. Still, we know some of you prefer the data-packed desktops, so this might be up your alley.

Not sure how to make this work? Head over to Aaron's Flickr page to ask him how he put it all together. If you're new to Rainmeter, check out our guide on how to get started customising your own desktop.

Desktop [Flickr]


    Oooh, Mass Effect mission screen with Cerberus logo... nice!

    I love this desktop, I have been trying to create one in a similar vein across dual monitors for a while... Coupled with a nice HD, moving earth or planet scape Dreamscene background would really bring it to life. I have also been toying with the idea of a Mech cockpit workstation, or something along those lines.

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