NBN Sets First Copper Network Switch-Off Date

Many of us are hanging out for the day when the National Broadband Network (NBN) first becomes available in our areas, but the network has just passed a different milestone: it has set a switch-off date for the copper network in those locations where NBN fibre is already well-established.

An 18-month countdown to switch-off commences on November 23 2012, which gives a final date of May 23, 2014. On that date, copper services passing approximately 25,000 premises will be switched off. You won't be forced to connect to the NBN if you don't want to, but you won't be able to stick with the copper status quo in those areas. There are plenty of choices for NBN providers.

For reference, these are the main areas affected and the number of premises that have been passed. Self-evidently, this doesn't cover every household in those locations: if the NBN hasn't been connected in your street and you live in one of these towns, the 18-month cut-off won't apply.

Location Premises passed
Armidale NSW 5400
Brunswick Vic 2900
Deloraine Tas 1300
George Town Tas 2300
Kiama NSW 2400
Kingston Beach Tas 1000
Sorell Tas 1300
South Morang Vic 2300
St Helens Tas 2200
Townsville Qld 2900
Triabunna Tas 500
Willunga SA 1100


    I'll believe the 18 months when it actually occurs. If the switch of date for analogue TV keeps moving. TV being an entertainment Service delayed an extra couple of years. Compared to a critical communication method, it will likely move also.

      Except FTA TV covers huge areas and is not easy to pinpoint a switch off. Copper can be turned off at a very fine grain at the exchange, substation, street, premises etc.

      I no longer have access to analog TV. The switch off went as planned in my area - Riverina/lower NSW.

    Given the NBN is currently only covering part of the Brunswick exchange, leaving a lot of Brunswick exchange customers still waiting for their NBN, and still not even on the map as lined up for the next 12 months, I'd say Brunswick copper services are not going to be turned off that fast.

      Yes, you are correct, and that's what the article says too.

      "Self-evidently, this doesn’t cover every household in those locations: if the NBN hasn’t been connected in your street and you live in one of these towns, the 18-month cut-off won’t apply."

    So um... there is actually (at least?) one exchange that will have copper services turned off before these.

    South Brisbane exchange will get demolished in June 2013 to make way for a children's hospital. Rather than build a new copper-based exchange only to change to fibre in a few years time, Telstra is going straight to fibre. The current plan is to have all services switched over to fibre by 31/12/2012.

    Might be good to link off to the Turn off Months http://www.telstrawholesale.com.au/download/document/rollout-list.pdf

    The Conroy mutation gene.

    I remember how he thought he was James Bond after Telstra gave him a breifing on spam and malware.

    Super-dooper secret agent stuff Steve.

    Last edited 10/10/12 5:35 pm

    That guy being boss of our internet is sad :,-(

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