Most Popular NBN Posts Of 2013

Its future form remains far from certain, and the National Broadband Network (NBN) remained an active topic of discussion and news throughout the year. These are the 10 most popular NBN posts from Lifehacker in 2013.

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Which Places Will Now Get The NBN By 2016?

The rollout plan for the National Broadband Network was updated again today, with thousands of new locations announced that should see the fibre network installed by June 2016. Is your suburb one of the almost 3000 places that have been added? Find out on our interactive map.

Coalition NBN: The Problem With Vectoring Copper

The Coalition’s alternative NBN plan relies on maintaining existing copper connections to homes. What are the challenges with that approach? Robin Braun, Professor of Telecommunications Engineering at University of Technology, Sydney, examines some of the problems ‘vectoring’ can create.

Ask LH: Will The NBN Work In My Street Ever Be Completed?

Hey Lifehacker, Three weeks ago NBN cables were laid in our street. With the Coalition election win, does it mean our homes will never be connected to the NBN? Does all NBN work cease as of now, or in suburbs where work has already commenced will it be allowed to proceed to completion?

Check When You’ll Get The NBN With The Updated Deployment Maps

NBN Co today announced that construction had commenced in ten new areas, and updated its construction maps. Time to check if your dream of faster internet has come a little closer.

Coalition NBN Policy: Six Things To Think About

The Liberal/National Coalition has finally announced its official National Broadband Network (NBN) policy, confirming its preference for fibre to the premises and claiming it can deliver this faster than the current Labor plan, without actually making good on earlier threats to dismantle NBN Co entirely. What are the key elements of the Coalition plan, and what aspects remain undiscussed and vague? This is Lifehacker’s comprehensive guide.

What Do Australians Actually Think Of The NBN?

It goes without saying that the National Broadband Network (NBN) — regardless of who steers the rest of the build — is a major infrastructure project for Australia. And we all know its cost, technical configuration, corporate configuration, end-user value-proposition, economic benefit, social benefit and roll-out pace have all been subject to claim and counterclaim. But what do the people who will actually be using it think?

Can The Australian Copper Network Really Deliver The NBN?

The Coalition Government plans for a fibre-to-the-node version of the National Broadband Network (NBN) relies on using the existing copper network to deliver the final connection. We’ve looked before at some of the technical challenges that poses. At the ABC, Nick Ross has a detailed examination of the issues currently facing the Telstra-owned copper network.

Telstra Won’t Renegotiate NBN Deal

Telstra has categorically ruled out renegotiating its NBN contract should the Coalition win the election in September.

AusBBS Has Australia’s First Unlimited NBN Plan

The National Broadband Network (NBN) promises faster data speeds, but if you’ve been enjoying an “unlimited” plan on ADSL you haven’t been awash with options to match that on the NBN. AusBBS has introduced a range of unlimited NBN plans, which are the first we’ve seen in the local market, but you will pay extra for the privilege.

The NBN: What Happens From Now Until 2014

Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull held a press conference this afternoon to discuss what happens next with the National Broadband Network (NBN), an issue that has been on everyone’s mind since the Coalition took power.