Dealhacker: Dick Smith XXL Sale

Dick Smith is holding a so-called XXL Sale tomorrow, with identified bargains including 30 per cent off some TVs and computers, 10 per cent off mobile phones, and the familiar 10 per cent off Apple computers among others. Could be worth checking out, especially given the uncertain future plans for Dick Smith under its new owners. [Dick Smith via OzBargain]


    Hah, 50% of Dick Smith batteries, just as well because they only last half as long as regular batteries.

    Up to 30% off? That would mean that you can get discounted items for the same price as every other electrical outlet. Wouldnt waste your time

      Huh. So Harvey Norman has all this cheaper? Awesome!

    Is it a real sale this time?

      As someone doing the selling: Yes, yes it was.

      Staff were specifically instructed to not make purchases before midday in our memos, the only way they could get past being found out is to not use their discount card and buy during regular trading hours, as a regular customer basically.

      I didn't buy anything, I'm too poor.

        Thanks, @esophagus. As someone doing the buying, you're quite right.

        My local DS ran a pretty relaxed session, with about 1 staff member for every 3 customers. Had a good discussion with one staff about printers. Heard another deal (patiently) with a slightly obnoxious, clueless old couple who wanted "an Apple" (but couldn't tell the difference between a Mac and an iPad). And the girl who helped me through the checkout was friendly and helpful (and pretty cute, as a bonus).

    They actually do pretty good batteries. The AA 's they sell will outlast an eveready 3 fold. I always get my batteries there. check it out for yourself.

      Have to disagree, I bought a couple of packs of AA's and they died way too soon. Could be that they lose power waiting to be used, I don't know. I just know I'll never guy them again.

    Oh no, DSE. Not after your mega Video Game "sale" earlier this year.

      Joe, move on you sad person. Grow up, you didnt get the one discontinued aged xbox360 available in Australia. Seriously, turn 12 and move on

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