Turn An IKEA Nightstand Into A Classic Arcade Cabinet

IKEA's MALM nightstand is already a pretty good buy on its own, but imgur user casper36 also finds that it is just the right size to house an arcade cabinet. If you're looking to create a compact arcade cabinet on a budget, here's your answer.

While this project isn't for a novice, it doesn't appear to be too difficult either. The top of the MALM nightstand was cut to form a frame for a monitor. Glass was mounted on top after everything was in place. A joystick box was created and placed in the top drawer. A JAMMA board was mounted inside the nightstand to actually power the arcade, and then legs were added to make it all a reasonable height. Casper36 posted his process with detailed photos, providing you with image-based instructions that are far more detailed than IKEA includes with the nightstand itself.

Cocktail table arcade [Imgur via Apartment Therapy Tech]


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