TubeToTV Sends YouTube Videos From Chrome To XBMC

Chrome: Are you watching a YouTube video that you would rather view on your TV in the living room? TubeToTV is a Chrome extension that lets you send YouTube videos right to your XBMC system with a single click.

After installing TubeToTV, you'll have to enter the IP address (192.168.1.x) or computer's hostname for your XBMC system on your home network. If your XBMC setup is password-protected, enter that as well and click save. From there, if you're watching a video on YouTube, just click the big "Send to XBMC" button to make it happen.

The extension supports multiple XBMC installs if you have one in the living room and another in the bedroom, for example.

TubeToTV [Chrome Web Store via CyberNet News]


    Why not just use the YouTube add-on for XBMC?

      Have you ever actually used the add-on , Not exactly fantastic. Searches reveal nothing close to what a browser will display.

        I have to agree...Youtube on XBMC is pretty ordinary. I need TubeToTV on my Android. I'm often sitting around watching YouTube on my phone and would love to flick it to my 50" without too much hassle.

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