Telstra's 1GB Bonus Data Offer: Not That Exciting

From now until October 31, Telstra is offering an additional 1GB of data for the first 12 months on contract plans costing $80 a month or more (or $60 a month or more for BYO plans). That gives you 2.5GB a month rather than 1.5GB on the cheapest plan. If you're signing up with Telstra anyway, the extra data would certainly be welcome, but it's still a relatively small amount compared to rival contract plans. [Telstra Exchange]


    Price you pay for Coverage and Reliability. *Queue the Anti-Telstra Comments*

    It's essentially a half a gig boost for 12 months followed by a half gig drop for the next 12 months if I re contract my 79 dollar cap. Seriously considering not bothering. Also the 12 gig data pack I used for travelling is now an 8 gig data pack for the same price...

    Really hoping they realise that with the expansion of their 4G network, customers data usage requirements will rise.
    Not holding my breath though.

    Does this even constitute an article? Nice journalism!

    I'm on the lower plan, guess I miss out then...

    Rich, this a blog u tard, not a cave, kindly leave

    Sooo what has this got to do with the Samsung G3? Oh that's's a negative article. Let me guess if it was a positive story about Telstra data plans there would be an iphone 5 there instead. Subtle :)

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