Telstra Tweaks Postpaid Plans, Raises Prices

Telstra Tweaks Postpaid Plans, Raises Prices

It’s clearly the week for consolidating mobile plans. Yesterday Virgin Mobile trimmed its range, and today Telstra has quietly tweaked its plans, raising most prices by $1 while changing some data allowances.

As Luke over at Gizmodo notes, the former Freedom Connect plans have been rebranded as Everyday Connect, and the entry-level $29 plan has been abandoned. The first price we’re quoting here is the BYO device option; the second in brackets is the price if you also include a phone, though on cheaper plans you may still get hit with an additional device charge. (Telstra does not like to make its plans easy to follow, especially if you’re bundling a phone.)

These are the plan options for new customers, all of which call for a 24 month contract:

  • $40 ($50) a month for 250MB of data and $300 of call and text credit. (Only available in-store.)
  • $50 ($60) a month for 1GB of data and $600 of call credit, unlimited texts.
  • $60 ($80) a month for 1.5GB of data and $800 of call credit, unlimited texts.
  • $80 ($100) a month for 2GB of data and $900 of call credit, unlimited texts.
  • $100 ($130) a month for 3GB of data and unlimited Australians calls and texts.

Calls are charged at 99 cents per minute, plus a 40 cent connection charge. The plans with call credit also include unlimited calls at nights (between 7pm and 7am) and on weekends.

If you just want more data, you can buy a monthly data pack ($5 for 250MB, $15 for 1GB, $30 for 3GB or $60 for 8GB). As ever with Telstra, you can’t roll data over.

We’ve seen similar rationalisations across the board in the last year. Optus rounded up its plan prices in April, and Vodafone cut its range of plans in March.



  • More expensive calls, higher flagfall and *lower* data allowance (my old $49 plan versus the new $50). Here I was thinking that Telstra was starting to move in the right direction when it came to data..

  • Im not sure how telstra gets away with the “better deal”
    the cost of the calls have gone up and the data cap is still low.

    its still totally beaten by amaysim.
    $40/mth for unlimited calls/SMS and 4gb of data.
    the only reason i have for going to Telstra is coverage and I’m not convinced that being connected all the time is a benefit in my life.

  • Who invented this method of charging, we’ll give you $900.00 of calls for only $80.00 WOW.
    But we’ll charge the call at 99c a minute, rather than the 15c that they used to be when you got a 1:1 value for your real aussie $. Rather than a 1$A : 10TelstraPoints
    This sort of marketing is nonsense.

  • And here I am thinking the prices were already crap before they updated. Now I’m thinking that I won’t restart my contract when it gets out of the 24 month period since all the plans are crap, but then I’d still be stuck paying $49 a month but would be getting no phone out of it and still barely using any of the data or calls that I’ve got included >.<

  • “The plans with call credit also include unlimited calls at nights (between 7pm and 7am) and on weekends.”

    The $6o (BYO $50) does not include unlimited nights. It’s the $80 (byo 60) and above.

  • My contract will be up in a few months and I wish I could go with another carrier, just for the price. But it looks like I’m stuck with Telstra because of reception issues where I live, where I work, and where my friends and family live.

    I was lucky enough to switch to Telstra when they were in their big “win back customers” phase.
    I scored a iPhone 4 32GB for $200 upfront (no handset repayments) with bonus $200 JB-HiFi voucher (great for xmas shopping – so basically free) on a $49 plan with $540 usage and 1GB data.

    I suppose I’d choose to buy outright and stick to my current plan if I do decide to upgrade. Hopefuly my current plan can continue after my contract, as it’s much better than any of those on offer now.

  • I am on the Family and Friends plan… $39 a month for 1GB of data and a bunch of calls at a lower rate, as soon as I get bumped from it (my contract is up) I am going to go to Amaysim or Woolworths.

  • Usually when contracts are up you can stay on the same plan. Usually you’ll also get a discount because your no longer paying of a handset.

    It’s also most often the time you get called to sign up to a new contract.

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