Hack The Nexus 7 Into A 720p Camcorder

Shooting video or pictures with a tablet is still a remarkably goofy thing to do, but if you must, you may as well do it at the highest possible resolution.

With that in mind, the Nexus 7 is one of the last tablets that would come to mind for video shooting, simply because it only has a front-facing camera, and one that's limited to shooting at 480p. The enterprising team over at xda-developers have looked into the Nexus 7's video shooting limitations, and determined that it's not a function of the camera hardware, but one of the software definitions.

As such, on a rooted Nexus 7, it's as simple as editing some xml to tell it to shoot at 720p — although it's worth bearing in mind that you'll eat up even more of the Nexus 7's limited storage shooting this way.

Nexus 7 720p Video Recording [xda developers]


    I would of thought 720p filming would be a good specification to have when just showing the tablet to customers, I wonder why they didn't include it in the first place?

      The Nexus 7 base model is 8GB with no SDCard and only a front camera. Space and simlicity.

        That doesn't really make a valid argument... Apple advertises the fact that iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, and Macs have 720p 'FaceTime' cameras

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