Ask LH: How Can I Record Online Radio?

Dear Lifehacker, I have come across a few radio shows that are streamed live online but do not offer a podcast to download if you miss the show. Is there some way I can schedule and record these shows without having to be at my computer? I have Googled for a solution but I could only find programs which record currently broadcasting shows. Thanks, Rabid For Radio

Picture: fodt Dear RFR,

The most obvious approach I'd take for a show that doesn't also allow for downloads after the event would be to contact them directly; there's a rich market out there for both promotion (and even fund raising) through aftermarket downloads that simply may not have occurred to them.

There's also a copyright problem here; while you're legally entitled to time shift radio programs that are broadcast over radio waves in Australia, the same kinds of entitlement does not apply to material broadcast over the Internet. As such, you're legally only allowed to listen, not record unless such permissions are explicitly given by the online originators of the material. Which again comes down to asking them.

At a purely technical level, you could use Windows Task Scheduler or Mac OS Automator to set up recording of audio via just about any application capable of capturing your audio output. The only pains there are that you'd need to leave your computer running and hope that nothing either crashes or forces a reboot in the meantime.

As always, I'm open to suggestions from the Lifehacker community as to how to tackle this particular problem.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    Tunein Radio iphone app. Best $1 you will ever spend.

    Station Ripper is a great app, been using it for 7 years

    Hi - I record offshore radio, and thought till now it was OK legally.

    I'm interested in this area of copyright and hope to subsequently make a submission on this topic, possible according to the Australian Law Reform Commission issues paper to be found at;

    From this paper (page 30.) Quote; " The current time shifting exception is confined to recordings of ‘a broadcast’, defined to mean a communication to the public delivered by a broadcasting service
    within the meaning of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Cth). By ministerial determination, a ‘service that makes available television and radio programs using the Internet’ is not a broadcasting service under the Broadcasting Services Act.99 This raises the question of whether the time shifting exception in the Copyright Act should apply to content made available using the internet or internet protocol television."


    If they're BBC programs, use the free BBC Radio Downloader, which will subscribe to shows (or allow you to select episodes) whether they've been released as podcasts or not. There are no geolocking issues.

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