Mobile iGoogle Is Already Dead

Mobile iGoogle Is Already Dead

When Google controversially decided to kill off its customisable iGoogle home page, it at least gave enthusiastic users of the site up until November 2013 until to get used to the change. However, that isn’t the case for the mobile version, which got switched off on July 31 this year.

Google Operating System notes the change, and points out that even the desktop version won’t work on most mobile browsers unless you tweak the browser to present a different user agent. I suspect people who find iGoogle convenient would be daunted by that task. We’ve highlighted some good alternatives to iGoogle, and people currently using it will need to migrate. As we’ve pointed out before, petitions and the like won’t make any difference.

No More Mobile iGoogle [Google Operating System]


    • Second that. It was good in its time, but in the end it wasn’t a necessity. Not to mention half of the features never took off (the social elements of it for instance) and some of the gadgets were a mess (as you can see in the screenshot in this article :P)

  • yeah this never really took off
    i have used mine like twice
    it had such a hype but it wasn’t as good as people thought so it seemed to lose a lot of users
    some of the features are nice but just didn’t completely grab peoples attention
    well i guess when using the internet the statics say that 10 seconds is all that is needed for a website to grab someones attention and google+ just really didn’t do that

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