LastPass Adds New Security Features

LastPass Adds New Security Features

One reason we like password manager LastPass so much is because it puts a lot of effort into security. Today, LastPass has added two new features you’ll want to enable right now to keep your passwords even safer: restricting logins by country and when using TOR.

What do these features do, exactly? Country restriction makes it possible to prevent access to your passwords from specific locations. If you live in Australia, for example, you can only allow access to your account from Australia. This will help ensure logins don’t occur in countries you don’t authorise.

Disallowing logins from TOR, on the other hand, prevents you from logging in at all when using TOR. This security measure is useful because you don’t want to be using any personal information when TOR is active — the whole point is to remain anonymous, and TOR can’t protect you if you send your credentials.

Both of these new features can be accessed via the settings page when you’re logged into your vault on LastPass. For more information, check out the full post on LastPass’ blog.

Increase the Security of Your LastPass Account with Two New Options [LastPass Blog]

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