How Do You Store Your Nespresso Capsules?

How Do You Store Your Nespresso Capsules?

We know lots of Lifehacker readers use the Nespresso pod coffee maker (or the cheaper options like the ALDI clone). If you’re a coffee capsule user, you’ll soon run into the question: how are you going to store your pods?

How Do You Store Your Nespresso Capsules?

There are a range of ways you can tackle the problem. The pictured Cafe Stack storage unit is purpose-designed, but you might balk at paying $39.95 for it. A mate of mine keeps all of his in a large glass vase (as you can see at right). You can store the pods in the cardboard sleeves they’re sold in, but it’s a lot of work just to grab one and you can’t easily tell if you’re running low.

What’s your preferred coffee pod storage option? Do you have specific storage, or do you just throw them in the pantry with everything else? Tell us in the comments.


  • With the nespresso machine I got, I was offered a welcome pack which included 250? pods I think plus the nespresso totem dispenser for $180.. Pretty steep, but a lot of pods 😛

    I think they still have this offer..

    • We just bought that.
      The totem pole is pretty handy but I had to modify (hack) it so that the capsules down the bottom don’t fall out when you put new ones in the top.
      as for the price of the starter pack… its $180 for 250 pod… that’s just the normal price for pods, the totem is free and there is some $4 of shipping included if you get it online.

  • In the glovebox and centre console of my car. When you’re running late and have to get your caffine hit, biting into one of these badboys os the best way to start the day.

    • What’s the rationale behind that? If it’s to keep the coffee fresher, the capsules are vacuum sealed, so I’m not sure how effective or useful that would be.

    • “It is important not to refrigerate or freeze your daily supply of coffee because contact with moisture will cause it to deteriorate” National Coffee Association of U.S.A., Inc.

          • Pretty sure the coffee pods have been sitting around for a lot longer than 2 weeks before I get them. Wonder how long the bags of coffee sit around? The pods I bought with the machine a year ago still taste exactly the same as ones you get “fresh” from nespresso.

          • The sleeves have the expiry date printed on them. In my experience they’re usually around 12 months… but that could just as easily be a marketing strategy to get you to buy more pods…

          • The whole point of the pods is they are sealed at the time of grinding (releasing volotiles). There is no need to store them in a freezer. A cool place is all that is required. Beans, as in unground sit for several months but that is not a problem since they are not ground.

    • Keeping beans/grinds in a freezer is actually rather detrimental to the quality of coffee – room temperature is best for all coffee, beans should be ideally used in a week, grinds in a day. Pods however will keep for eternity, since they’re airtight thus they won’t oxidise until you use them.

    • Please no! Stop right there! This old wives myth has ruined many a coffee. 🙁 as you remove from the freezer condensation sets in. Spoiled, ruined, bin & upset.

  • I got a free sample box thingy with mine, had about 30 odd capsules in it in a nice wooden display box. I build a little stand for my Nespresso machine and keep the display box underneath it so they’re nicely kept together.

  • I leave mine stored over at Nespresso where they deserve to be and not in my home as, even with my limited grasp of maths and economies of scale, I can see that this a woefully expensive, inefficient and environmentally reprehensible way to get a cup of joe.
    No wait, I store them next to my individually wrapped sugar grains, rainforest timber disposable spoons and ‘single use’ polystyrene mugs.

  • Can the nespresso trolls piss off… yes it’s more expensive than making a coffee from scratch at home with an espresso machine (over time) but when compared to buying coffee at a cafe its much cheaper. This article wasn’t titled “Do you think a nespresso machine is value for money?” its about storing pods… Go be a hipster troll somewhere else, no doubt sipping your vegan, GMO free, fair trade, decaf, skinny, soy, double shot, latte.

      • It’s for taste my friend, for my self (barista) having a single shot does no justic for the taste of my coffee. Depending on size of course!

        Coffee is one of those things that you can never please anyone with. Everyone’s different and when it’s wrong usually the guy handing it out gets the blame. Unless you do it yourself!

    • Whatever man… I bet you drive a car, I bet you go to a Woolworths or a Coles. Is all your produce locally sourced? What is the carbon footprint of your Tea and do you offset it. I’m pretty sure with all the information it would be easy to pick apart your selective crusade. I’m not championing big business it just annoys me when people get all “in yo face” about things like this when they are being complete hypocrites!!!

  • Nespresso needs to be trolled!

    The crema you get is not an indicator of the freshness of the coffee, but due to the machine pushing a plug of air before the water through the capsule.

    The pressure is roughly 19 bar, whereas commercial machines operate around 9 Bar. Using more pressure to extract more from your coffee is not necessarily a good thing. There’s a reason you stop a pour when it ‘blondes’ on a commercial machine (I know it’s volume, not pressure in that sense, but then why do these machines have small/medium/large buttons?)

    Lets assume you buy a premium locally roasted coffee at $40/kilo. That’ll net you 110-125 (allowing for wastage) shots on a commercial/manual machine (8g basket). So, worst case: 36c per shot. A nespresso pod contains 5g of ‘coffee’, and given I see them costing anywhere from 50c-$1 each, you’re paying as much as $200/kilo. Plus, most people I know with nespresso machines feel one shot is too weak, so they use two pods….. $400/kilo?

    Nespresso is a massive con, I can’t help but feel the Nestle executives are giggling somewhere on their mountains of cash and kissing posters of George Cloony >.>

    • Depends on how much you use. If like me you use only 1 pod per coffee, then 1 sleeve will last me about a week or so. So I have used roughly 35g of coffee in a week. So in 2 months I have used 280gms, and in a year I have almost used 2 kg’s of coffee. Costing me roughly $250 a year. I got the machine for $200 replacing my $600 conventional coffee machine which was pretty crappy. So if I went nespresso, I would have 2 years of coffee and a machine for the price of a pretty average conventional coffee machine.

      Price comparison doesn’t work unless you know how much coffee someone will be drinking mate.

      • I had a wonderful traditional espresso machine that I never used in the morning (and my wife never used at all) because it took too long and was too complex. It cost more than a Nespresso, and was effectively useless to me, except at dinner parties.

        After that I bought a Jura superautomatic that cost me $2,000+. It used tons of counter-space, but seemed to do what we wanted for a while. Then within a few weeks of purchase, it broke. The failure occurred so early that we lost faith in the brand and decided to return it rather than fix it.

        Then I bought a Nespresso. It’s fast and easy to use, so it gets used every morning, and I’ve found capsules that are to my liking. It’s not the cheapest option, but it actually fits my morning routine.

        Nespresso is making a lovely gross margin off me, but that’s fine. The product is great.

    • Hi Marko 🙂 The CafeStack is made by YouCopia Products, a U.S. company, that distributes to Australia through Hale Imports. You can contact them for more information about which local retailers carry this item. Thanks for your interest!

      Hale Imports Pty Ltd
      [email protected]

      • I have one of these in blue and it’s great! Minimal footprint esp great for my limited bench space. Plus I can put light stuff on top and I think I can even stack another one of these? However, I can’t quickly see how much I have left.

  • I only drink rainwater by catching it in my mouth as it falls. I refuse to buy into the piped water cartel!

    I am clothed only in my matted layer of unkempt body hair and filth and incur no carbon footprint in my commute from the gutter to the curb.

    I am kept nourished by my self sustaining body lice farm in my left armpit.

    Anything else is unnatural and uneconomical!

    (I keep my nespresso pods in a “Citiz wall” stuck to the inside of the pantry door. It’s good because I just slot the sleeves into it and it takes up no space.)

  • My pods get kept in a wall mounted round dispenser that I got off ebay for $20. Looks awesome and about a quarter of the cost of the official nespresso one

  • @Cos my wife likes her coffee “weaker” than me, we get more than one cup from one pod – ‘specially the stronger roasts – I have the first shot and she has the second – simples!

  • For me the machine is a big saver. I used to spend about $5.50 a cup at Starbucks and I usually bought 2 a day on average. That is a lot of money on coffee!!!! Btw, I only drink lattes. The sleeves for Nespresso costs about $7 so for me I can get 10 coffees for the price of one, now that is saving. I did buy the Lattissima which is about $650 after taxes so I will need only another 3 months to save money. Plus I can make my favorite drink all at home without waiting in line for a coffee I can make better.
    That was long winded but like some ppl have already said it depends on what a person drinks on average that determines the worth of the machine. Plus my machine is Made in Italy, that is what I call quality if anyone knows what I mean, lol.

  • Do you save any money at all with this working out?
    Some how using a second capsules doubles the price per kilo not the grams used. Thanks for the analysis

  • Nespresso pods can be a bit of a pain to store once you get over about 60. Most capsule holders max out around there. There’s been a few cool designs coming out lately though, if you’re into your retro gaming type stuff a group called Hologramer made a Donkey Kong inspired Nespresso capsule holder where they roll down a series of zig-zags cut into a vertical plate. It looks pretty cool –

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