Kogan Ez-Press Coffee Machine Uses Nespresso Pods

Kogan Ez-Press Coffee Machine Uses Nespresso Pods

My best mate has a Nespresso machine and it’s a great way to make coffee if you don’t want to do a lot of measuring and tapping, but the entry-level model is $369 and the price jumps fast after that. Kogan has spotted an opportunity here, launching a coffee maker that can make use of Nespresso pods but sells for a lower price.

Needless to say, it’s not an authorised Nespresso product, but no-one in your nearest Nespresso store is going to know that you’re buying refills for a machine that George Clooney would potentially turn his nose up at. The official list price is $199, but Kogan is selling it using its LivePrice system, and as I write it’s just north of $140. That said, it won’t ship until mid-October. Tempted?



  • I purchased the pixie for about $280 after cash back.. love it to bit.. This machine looks pretty sweet though with the steam wand. The pixie came with the aerocino 3, which stretches the milk for you in a separate canister.. I do like to manually do it myself sometimes with the wand though..

    Honestly props to Kogan though for selling it at such a cheap price. I’m sure nespresso are making stacks stacks more money from the actual sale of podss then the machines… so yeah, kogan is missing out on those kick backs but still selling a machine cheaper then their competitors..

    • This look like a ‘Sheffield’ one that can be picked up (March 2102) for $99 and $10 shipping at online auction sites.
      Combine this is a $22 purchase of re-usable polyprop pods from China(10) and Mr Nestle will not be getting your money

      • Hi,

        I purchase one of these Sheffield machines and found that it works well – froths the milk nicely but the coffee has a weird taste. This could be because the machine is new. Did this happen with yours?

        • The ‘smell’ is because the plastic is cheap rubbish from China..the down side is.. you’ll NEVER get rid of the smell..it’ll get into the coffee thru the machine..I had one bought online…its a POS!! my advice.. give it some ‘high impact or gravity assisted maintenance’ ..then BIN IT..I did!

    • Nestle’s patent on the pods expires later this year. It’s expected the market will see the introduction of competing compatible pods too – I’m not surprised that we’re seeing a competing machine.

      • Firstly, Kogan is not selling pods, so that the expiry of one pod patent is irrelevent.
        Secondly, Nestle have hundreds of patent on the machines, many of which go for years.
        I am also not surprised that we are seeing a competing machine, I just hope they are prepared for the fallout. Kogan has a low cost model, which is fine, but it is not compatible with protracted legal disputes. Look at Samsung v Apple, and the Oz injunction.

        • Your comments assume Nestle have not given permission/ or do not have some kind of open agreement of the manufacture of Nespresso machines. Bearing in mind there are no Nestle bradned machines, and several manufactures have produced compatible machines, I see no reason why there wouldn’t be a illegitimate agreement in place.

          • Very true. Great question to ask when you order: Is this a licensed Nestle product.

            Great coup for Kogan if it is.

            Oh, by the way, I seriously doubt it is, but stand to be corrected.
            Maybe a question for Lifehacker as they ran the press-release, oops I mean story.

          • Oops, sorry, thought Dave might have read the article. Lifehacker have done their homework, and stated it is not licensed.

          • Sorry skyva, I stand corrected (don’t know why that bit of info didn’t register when I 1st read the article?), anyway I still don’t think Nestle will mind more pod customers in the wild.

          • Well Dave, one thing is for sure, if Kogan go ahead we will find out which way the cookie crumbles!

  • I bought a Nespresso machine second hand on Friday for under 200, as new. Given Kogan’s reputation and my experience with cheaply built coffee machines, I would not see this as a good investment.

  • you have to be a nespresso member to buy pods. Membership only comes with purchasing a machine so you will also have to somehow fraudulently become a member or do something else dodgy to keep up your caffeine supply

  • hmm, kind of tempting. We stayed at the Mercure Welcome in Melbourne and they had Nespresso pod machines and the aerators in every room. I loved it so much, I was going to go out and buy one. Until I saw the price.

    This changes my mind, but if it’s going to be a hunk of crap, I’m not sure.

  • Neppresso

    I am abit of a coffee snob. I have a nice little group 1 Giotto machine cost about $3500 with Maza mini grinder. Love it

    All the machines that are lower than say entry models like Rancilo’s are crap.

    However I think if you are going to go for a automatic machine I would skip everything on the market and go to the Pod machines. The Nepresso type machines are orsm as long as you dont use the steam wand ones and buy the
    separate “spinner milk heater”

    I had a go of my brother-in-laws and thought that except for the depth of flavour you get from fresh grind and adusting about 10 items it comes as close to a manual coffee as possible

    Unless you are going to drop a couple of grand on a machine these pod machines are brilliant

    • You go from being a coffee snob to recommending a nespresso/pod machine…make up your mind!

      A coffee snob would not recommend a pod machine.

      A coffee snob would say – go buy a decent grinder, some fresh beans and a pour over or areopress.

      • My mind is clear

        1) If you have 3000 to spend – buy a Grinder and Manual Machine

        2) If you dont have that much money – Buy a Nepresso pod machine

        I dont see there is an issue

        • the issue there is you are recommending people by pre-ground stale coffee

          You call yourself a coffee snob? wow…

          Do you buy your coffee from the supermarkets as well???

          • Clearly he’s not a wanker, that’s all.

            If you only have $350 to spend on a coffee machine than a pod style one is a much better option then the $350 machines out there that burn your coffee.

  • As a owner of a legit entry level Nespresso machine I can tell everyone that you need a service number and a machine number to become a member and purchase capsules. the eBay capsules are actually more expensive aswell. Regardless these machines are insanely expensive to use on a daily basis, I spend upwards of 50 bucks a week for a household of two.

    • I own a Nespresso Citiz and visit the Nespresso boutique inside Myer Perth and purchase them straight over the counter. I have never had to provide my membership number.

      • Well I bought one of these machines from catch of the day for $99 and joined the Nespresso club which DID NOT require proof of purchase of a machine. I then ordered pods in under 5 minutes and had them delivered. EASY!

    • @Callum, I purchased a legit Nespresso machine for my inlaws a fews years ago, then reclaimed it about 6 months ago as it was sitting getting dusty in a cubboard. I then setup a new account with nespresso. It did ask me what machine I had, & I randomly selected one, and went on to purchase pods which I have been enjoying since.
      You DO NOT require a “service number” or “machine number”.
      $50 per week for two people hey… so thats about 5 each per day… possible if you work from home, but unlikely for the average coffee drinker. 2 each per day would be a more realistic upper estimate for coffe drunk at home. Me personally, I only use it on days off (ie weekends) and it suits my needs.
      That said, I agree, if you are having 35+ per week, you would be better suited getting a automatic (or manual)machine & grinder, and buying beans, in which case you would be spending in the order of 20c per coffee as apposed to the 70c odd that the pods cost.

  • Can i just say that there are far too many “know it alls” in this thread. Too many people being snide over simple comments or reading too much into another persons comments and grilling them over it.

  • Maybe I’m just lucky, but I have never joined the Nespresso club and my machine is not registered, but I can still walk in to the Nespresso shop in Brisbane and buy my capsules.

    I mean, think about it – how else would people be able to buy capsules for others (gifts, etc) if you needed to be registered?

  • I think the confusion with the membership stems from some countries, such as the US. I believe in America a membership is required to get pods. The membership in America requires a machine number and what not.

    However, in Australia and other asian countries like Singapore you can buy Pods over the counter without a membership or subscription.

  • I’m a yank, and my wife gifted me with a Nespresso Citiz about two months ago. The coffee is much better than the Krupps I was using for espresso. And I think it’s much better than a bad pull from a coffee shop barrista. it’s convenient. the capsules I’ve been ordering are 57 cents (US), and I routinely use two or three in the morning. That’s roughly US$43 a month.

    It’s not for everyone, but it’s not a bad system, all in all.

  • I just signed up to the Australian Nespresso site with out a machine registration. I did have to pick any random machine, but you can then click NEXT without having to put in any machine details. I was also offered the “Welcome pack” 250 pods and a display box for $179. Not sure if you can get the welcome pack at the Nespresso stores.

  • Re Nespresso, a number of different companies make their machines, not just Delonghi .There are other coffee machines that use pods not just this mob. Anyway people using an alternative machine that takes Nespresso pods will still use their coffee.Which at the end of the day is their aim.

  • Machine promised to arrive by now. Kogan now claiming it is coming on 4th of November. I wonder what date it will change to next week?

    Stay away if you don’t want to get burnt by a guy selling stock he does not possess

  • Been waiting for one of these for a few months. I still cannot get confirmation from Kogan that they will ship on time.
    That Spreets deal is still avaialble, so looks like thats the answer.

  • Hahahah Idiots who buy into this Kogan thing are so funny.

    This guy employs 22 staff. His products will NEVER achieve any kind of quality because he doesn’t improve or develop them in any way.

    Any idiot can go to a chinese factory and ask for their name on a product. They’ll just ask you to fill a minimum quantity – I know because I’m chinese!!! I can’t believe people really believe this guy is reinventing the wheel. I have some magic beans for sale BTW….

  • Bought one of these machines on catch of the day, firstly handle on water jug came off, secondly machine leaks water big time. Good on catch of the day who have approved return immediately, no hassles.

  • Chris, I bought one from COTD, too. Did they make you pay postage back to them? Mine is the same as yours. Handle on water jug came off (it was glued on and plastic!!), it leaks, it has a plasticy taste to the coffee, AND IT HAD BEEN USED!!! It already had water inside the machine that leaked out when the water jug was removed, and flowing water through the machine before use brought out coffee bits. Not impressed as it was NOT advertised as a refurbished or demo model!!!

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