Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Revamp

Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Revamp

The I’m Feeling Lucky button on the Google home page, which used to take you to Google’s top selection for a search, has been largely pointless since the introduction of Google Instant. Google is now adding a bunch of new options to the button.

Recently, if you’ve clicked on the I’m Feeling Lucky button, it has taken you to a collection of Google’s special homepage doodles. A new revamp means that if you hover over the button, it will scroll pokies-style to other options, including ‘I’m Feeling Trendy’, ‘I’m Feeling Wonderful’ and ‘I’m Feeling Puzzled’. Each accesses a different Google service; ‘I’m Feeling Hungry’ takes you to a restaurant search, for instance.

I couldn’t get this option to appear on the site, but it worked fine on the main domain, as you can see in the simple video below. I’d expect the change to eventually hit the local site as well. I guess this counts as a Google easter egg (and partly makes up for all the Google Instant search bomb tricks that no longer work).

[via Google Operating System]


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