DIY Timely IKEA Hack

Sometimes one clock just isn't enough. If you want to track the time in multiple locations without using an app or web site, this clever IKEA combo might do the trick.

EO Jackson at IKEA Hackers combined nine $1.49 Vackis clocks inside a $8.99 Ribba frame. While the original design has the time synced, you could also set different times on each clock (or row) to cover global time options. Just don't forget to switch the alarm off!

Time to Hack the RIBBA With VÄCKIS Clocks [IKEA Hackers]


    I imagine it would be quite noisy from nine ticking clocks. Just don't put it in your bedroom. :-)

    Would be tempted to do this, just because it's a nice novelty, but how loud would they be?

    I bought one from ikea for my bedroom; it left on the garbage truck two days later. So loud, couldnt imagine 9 of the buggers

    Noisy oh yes. This solution worked for me.. Set all 9 clocks to 5:01 and then remove the batteries... No ticking! Inscribe, or as I did simply handwrite in Silver Metallic Pen the popular expression "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!" and hang it in your bar area.

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