Use An IKEA Ribba Frame To Preserve Your Vintage Action Figures

Collecting Star Wars figures is a serious business: in addition to keeping them in mint condition, you also need to keep track of all those tiny, easy-to-lose accessories. This DIY display case will ensure they remain perfectly preserved while doubling as a kitschy "ärt" collection: just like Han Solo encased in carbonite.

The following hack comes from the appropriately titled Little Plastic Men blog which showcases the owner's massive toy collection. (Click here, here, here and here for some geektastic examples.)

"Recently when I was looking at my old vintage star wars figures, I decided that I had to display them so I can see them every day rather than let them sit in some box in the storeroom," explains the frame's creator. "I did not want to display them like how we usually display our toys, hence I thought of framing them up like some art piece."

To create your own Star Wars display case, you'll need an IKEA Ribba frame ($9.99), plus a a hard board, paper clips and masking tape. Click here to read the blog's step-by-steps guide.

The end result should look something like this:

The Ribba frame will comfortably display around 40 vintage Star Wars figures. Naturally, the same concept can be applied to other four-inch action figures such as GI Joe. Now I kind of regret offloading my Star War collection at a car boot sale all those years ago. Sniff.

[Via IKEA Hackers]


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