Make A Simple Coffee Pod Organiser With A Picture Frame And Cardboard

Make a Simple Coffee Pod Organiser With a Picture Frame and Cardboard

If you use a pod-fed coffee maker for your morning brew, you may have trouble keeping your pods organised and accessible. IKEA Hackers shows us how to transform a picture frame into a handy display case.

Picture: IKEA Hackers

They used a RIBBA frame from IKEA, but just about any picture frame will do the job. In fact, the guide suggests a few IKEA-specific materials, but when it comes to thick cardboard and coloured paper, brand is really not important. Essentially, you'll cut holes in the cardboard to house your pods, and you can add a little decoration with the coloured paper — you'll need to cut slots to allow the pod to slide into place.

Once complete, you'll have a home for all of your pods. You could group into columns if you like to be organised, or opt for a more haphazard arrangement if you like the idea of a potluck coffee.

It's a very simple project that requires only a few tools and materials, so click the link below for full instructions.

Turn "picture holder" RIBBA into coffee capsules holder [IKEA Hackers]


    That is as ugly as sin. I use a glass vase i bought for a few bucks, looks great, far more durable, and isn't a horrid lime green.

      I use an ice cream container. They're coffee pods, not a work of art or brag piece.

    Agreed - ugly as sin, and also no good for genuine Nespresso capsules, as they are not coloured on the top, so all capsules will look the same in this 'frame'.

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