Bring Off-Screen Windows Back Into View

If you occasionally plug/unplug your notebook from a second monitor, you've likely found some of your windows still on the other screen... and inaccessible. Closing the program can solve the issue, but many programs save their locations and won't return to their defaults, even with a restart. Fortunately, there are a few shortcuts you can employ to get those windows back into view.

In Windows Vista and XP, the easiest way is to right-click on the program in the taskbar and select "Move". Your cursor should change to a four-arrowed one that looks like a wheel wrench. Now you can just hit one of the arrow keys and move your mouse and the window should re-appear on your screen.

In Windows 7, the "Move" option won't be available by right-clicking the icon on the taskbar. Instead, click on the app's icon in the taskbar and make sure it's highlighted. Then, hold down the Windows key and press the left and right arrow keys until the window becomes visible.

Finally, if all else fails, you can right-click on the taskbar and select one of the window organisation options — "Cascade windows", "Show windows stacked" and "Show windows side-by-side". The downside of using these is that they'll resize and reposition all your other windows, which means you'll have to set them back up afterwards.

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    Does this actually happen in Windows 7? I thought this issue only came up on older cruddier versions of windows like Vista and XP?

      Nope still happens in Windows 7 occasionally.

        In my experiences, it is usually older programs written for XP that this will happen to. I've had a couple of games do this as well, flicking to another screen, and again, they were ones from the XP era.

    Windows button + arrow keys I find is muc mhore efficient!

      windows key + arrows is made of win...

    I've been using the right click, move approach for windows that are off the screen due to dual monitor complications for what seems like 12 years now, its happened so often (esp on laptops after disconnecting 2nd display) that its part of muscle memory, so I've been doing it in windows 7 without thinking (hover over icon in tray, right click preview popup to get system menu), just the other day I thought to myself why am doing it that way still, Win+Arrow would be much easier.

    Of course there are some dialogs that never showed up on the task bar, which prevented moving the main window using the right click menu technique (since they were modal), so i sometimes had to use the "Alt+Tab" to focus, "Alt+Space, M, Arrow, Mouse" approach (granted mouse is optional you can continue with the arrow but it takes a while).

    I use the Program " Actual Multi Monitors " it has the facility of "bring all windows here"

    I think changing the resolution works, then change it back to your original res?

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