Move Windows Around Quickly Using Your Keyboard In Windows 7

Windows 7: One of the best features of Windows 7 is its keyboard support for moving and arranging application windows. Press the Win key and an arrow key to easily dock windows side-by-side, maximise them, minimise them, and move them to another monitor.

These are the killer shortcuts for manipulating the active window:

  • Win+Left arrow: Snap to the left half of the screen
  • Win+RIght arrow: Snap to the right half of the screen
  • Win+Up arrow: Maximise the window
  • Win+Down arrow: Minimise/Restore if it's maximised

If you have more than one monitor:

  • Win+Shift+Left arrow: Move window to the monitor on the left
  • Win+Shift+Right arrow: Move window to the monitor on the right

I use the Win+Left arrow and Win+Right arrow all the time on Windows, for comparing documents side-by-side or just keeping the browser open for reference while writing in another window. I'd go so far as to say the Win+arrow key shortcuts are a pretty good reason to upgrade to Window 7 if you haven't already. (Not using Windows 7? In Windows Vista and XP, you can tile windows with the Ctrl key and right-clicking. For Mac users, there are several apps to get this Windows-like shortcut; I'm using free ShiftIt.)


    Haven't we seen this story before?

    The excellent GridMove has been featured here in the past, which works in the same fashion but gives you greater control over window placement.

    Or, you could do what I did, and use AutoHotkey to roll your own!

    I use the "Aero Snap" feature all the time, with my mouse. Such an easy way to fit multiple windows on screen. With this, it's even easier!

    One more tip, if you keep using Win+L/Rarrow it will snap to the first edge on the next screen.

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