When Can You Get Hold Of Windows 8?

The October 26 on-sale date for Windows 8 is now fully locked in, with Microsoft finalising the code for the release to manufacturing (RTM) version today. While consumers will have to wait until late October to purchase the new Windows as a download or on a new PC, some lucky folk will get their hands on it early.

Microsoft will make the RTM version of Windows 8 available on the following dates to various groups, mostly subscribers to its developer and large business programs:

  • August 15: Developers on MSDN and IT professionals on TechNet. This will also be the date when updated developer tools are released, so we'll start seeing a fresh wave of Windows 8 Metro apps at that time.
  • August 16: Large organisations on the Software Assurance program.
  • September 1: Volume licence customers who don't have Software Assurance will be able to purchase through resellers

Still no word on the Australian consumer pricing for the various versions of Windows 8, other than the $39.99 upgrade offer to Windows 8 Pro for existing users and the $14.99 upgrade deal for anyone who purchased a Windows 7 PC after June 2.

In other Windows 8 news, Microsoft has now enabled paid apps on the Windows Store, which is where Metro-style apps will be distributed. During the Windows 8 beta phase, all apps have been free.

Releasing Windows 8 - August 1, 2012 [Building Windows 8]


    I'll buy Windows 8 when it doesn't suck. Which will be never. Microsoft, not everyone uses touch screen tablets...I, for one, found the consumer preview of Windows 8 to be the most counter-productive pile of shit I've ever used...well, except for that one time where I was forced to use Windows ME but...that's different, atleast that had a GUI that was usable.

    I just went back to win 7 from win 8 beta. I really like the speed improvements and stability from win 8 but i so wish i had the option to uninstall or skip everything metro. honestly it is a layer of crap on a Danish tart. I foresee they will give an option to disable it for a desktop production environment it would be crazy if they didn't, it should really only be available for windows RT.

    What happened to the KISS principle.

    trying to get those 'hot spot' corners on two 30inch monitors and a high dpi mouse is like doing crochet with a garden hose.

      What difference does size/dpi make? I just move my mouse into the corner until it can't go any further.

    I on the other hand actually really like the metro interface for Windows 8. I wouldn't use it for internet browsing (the app) or anything like that. but I quite liked the ability to launch your most used programs from the start screen. It's not even that hard to reach the desktop (one click) and there are shortcuts on the keyboard for the hot corners.

    Very much looking forward to Win8. Will have to learn a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for charms as without a touchscreen they're a bit of a hassle, but I really like the Start screen and I use two-pane snapping all the time.

    For all you Windows 8 haters out there - Suck it up, get over it, and learn to use it properly. A couple of tips: 1. If you don't like the Metro Apps, then uninstall them or change the file associations, they wont bother you again. 2. If you miss your Start Menu so much, then just ad a custom toolbar and point it to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Program. Then move the custom toolbar icon to the left of the taskbar. There's your missing Start Menu people. Now stop your whinging.

    If you don't like, then don't use it. Nobody cares that you don't like it, so STFU.

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