Was It Viewed? Lets You See When Someone Views Any URL You Choose

Was It Viewed? Lets You See When Someone Views Any URL You Choose

Was It Viewed? is a simple web app that creates trackable links to you can find out if any URL has been viewed. If you sent in an online resume, asked someone to check out a video, or want to know if a friend downloaded a file, it will let you create a simple, trackable link that lets you know when someone is checking it out.It doesn’t matter what the link is — you just enter it into the the webapp’s form, add your email address (for notification purposes), and any notes you want to add. This will provide you with a long and short URL that you can send to anybody. The downside is that the URL identifies itself as a Was It Viewed? link so the person is going to know their activity is being tracked. (You could avoid that issue by using a URL shortener and tracking through that instead.)

This is definitely a specialised tool, but it’s a good way to figure out if what you sent was ignored or not — something that can definitely come in handy during application processes.

Was It Viewed? [via Tyler Weitzman]


  • Hiding the wasitviewed using URL shorteners doesn’t make sense because URL shorteners like bit.ly already provide this Link view statistic information…

  • I used this just now and found it pretty neat with bit.ly built in. Correct me if I am wrong but the benefit of this system is the email notification as soon as someone opens the link (and each time they do it again), which is better than goo.gl where you just get statistics (although very detailed statistics)

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