Versus IO Compares Smartphones To Help You Choose The Right One

Stuck between two smartphones and can't decide which to buy? Versus IO will compare them side by side, spec-by-spec, and even offer a suggestion on which one to buy.

Versus IO is one of the cleanest comparison tools we've seen yet. Just punch in the two phones you're looking at and hit Go. It will give you a huge list of specs and how they compare between each phone, from SD card slots, to thinness and lightness, to screen size, RAM, clock speed and heaps more. It will also give you percentages, where applicable (the Galaxy S III's screen is 37 per cent bigger than the iPhone, and is bigger than 93 per cent of other phones) and tell you which phone "wins" in terms of specs.

Obviously, its "wins" are subjective — some people may not want a bigger screen, for example — and some of its wins should be taken with scepticism (we know, for instance, that the Galaxy Nexus doesn't get direct updates from Google if you buy from a carrier). But if you ignore what it considers "wins", it does give you a very nice spec-by-spec comparison to help you decide between two phones. Hit the link below to check it out.

Versus IO [via TechCrunch]


    AGH! This is EXACTLY what I need - I've been wavering between three HTCs and Samsung for too long. Thanks!

    Had a look through these and some of the devices they have not even got correct stats, ports or features for and there is no way to inform them of the issues.

      Agreed. Also, raw specs aren't always the best comparison...

      For example, on the site there aren't typical usage times like standby and call times. Instead, it says the Galaxy S3 has a battery that is "better than 89% of all products"... No -- it's BIGGER than 89% of products. A bigger battery on Phone X doesn't mean it'll last longer than Phone Y...

    According to Versus IO the new iPad MINI can record 1080p video, has 1gb of ram and 4.0 bluetooth. Heres how it stacks up to an iPad 2

      You can compare iPhone 5 specs, too!

    Ha! i recently had to decide on this and chose the Samsung s3 but i am slightly regretting the choice. nothing to do with specs just quirks of the operating system. e.g. all the bloat applications that i cant remove without rooting the device.

    Hmmm... Nokia N8 vs. Lumia 800
    Lumia 800 pro: dual-LED flash. Umm... xenon on the N8
    Lumia 800 pro: dual-stage shutter ... yeah the N8 cameraphone has this too.

    Very nice formatting and quite comprehensive (included the PenTile Lumia 800 screen as a con). But not perfect.

    Wow, it's a bit scary that the site finds a facebook cookie on your PC, retrieves a facebook avatar and presumes that you want to submit comments as that person!

      That worried me too, as well as comparing phones that don't exist yet! O_O

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