Turn A Book Into A Bedside Smartphone Dock

You can always donate old books to an op shop, but if you're looking to scratch your DIY itch, you could make this bedside smartphone dock instead. This hack uses an old hardcover book to prop up your phone and keep cables hidden.Surprisingly, you won't require too many tools to make this work aside from the book itself. All you need is a drill, a utility knife, a trusty binder clip, some metal files, and a few other items you probably have around the house.

Lay your charging cable on top of the book so you can measure where the cable will run inside of it, then cut the slot into the cover for the connector to peek through. Open the book and carve out just enough from the pages for the cable to slide through and go up into the slot you just carved. We're oversimplifying the level of effort a bit, so make sure to hit the link below for a walkthrough, complete with lots of photos.

The design here is definitely iPhone-centric, but it wouldn't take much tweaking to make this work with a microUSB port and an Android phone charger. Just cut out the slot to the right size and slide the charging cable into place.

Allison, the person behind this hack, put her book charger in between a few other books she's still reading on her bedside table. We have to admit the end result looks pretty good. What do you think? How would you improve on the design? Let us know in the comments below.

Tutorial: DIY Book iPhone Dock [Little Lovelies via Apartment Therapy]


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