Turn A Coathanger Into A Smartphone Car Dock

Have an old smartphone car dock lying around not being used? Redditor BigSketchySeaBeast shows us how to modify a car dock for use with any phone using just a coat hanger.

Just grab any old wire hanger and a pair of pliers, and bend it as shown in the instructions. You may have to tweak it for your specific car dock, but when you're done, it should attach to your old car dock and fit to your exact phone. Of course, it will only fit that one phone — unlike our binder clip car dock, which fits anything — but it makes good use of an old car dock so you have a bit more versatility in where you put it (not to mention it looks a little better once the phone is docked). Hit the link to see the full step-by-step instructions.

A DIY car and alarm clock dock I made for my phone [Reddit]


    Is this legal in Australia? I've read (perhaps in NSW only) that only commercial phone docks are allowed.

      Correct, in VIC they must be "commercially designed"

    coathangers make great (and cheap) gadget stands . I've done far more basic variants once or twice: http://blog.mcglew.net/2012/09/ipad-hanger-v01.html

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