Trackpad++ Greatly Improves Your MacBook’s Trackpad In Windows

Trackpad++ Greatly Improves Your MacBook’s Trackpad In Windows

Windows (On a Mac): If you’re running Windows on your killer Mac hardware, then you’ve probably noticed that the trackpad isn’t quite as smooth and feature-filled as it is in OS X. Trackpad++ Brings more gestures, better scrolling, and lots more to Mac trackpads in Windows 7.

Trackpad++ brings a number of improvements to the table, including:

  • Customizable three- and four-finger gestures, including the defaults from OS X: 3-finger swipes for back/forward and zoom in/out, 3-finger tap for a middle mouse click, and 4-finger swipes for switching between windows and showing/hiding all windows.
  • Inverted scrolling, like in Mac OS X Lion
  • Momentum-based scrolling, like in Mac OS X Lion and on iOS
  • Better controls for fine-tuning your pointer speed
  • An option to ignore trackpad presses when typing to avoid accidental clicks and drags

If you use Windows on a Mac, this driver can be very handy. I’ve noticed a few small quirks here and there, but the more I play with the settings, the more I can get it working the way I want. You may just have to futz with it for a bit.

Trackpad++ is a free download for Windows 7, though it only works on unibody MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs — do not try it on an older MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Trackpad++ [via S.K.]


  • A shame the homepages of these tools look less than legitimate/professional. It makes me question the security of downloading and installing these executable files

  • It’s more donationware that totally free. You get some nags on a weekly basis.
    You can pay a few dollars and register it -> they don’t seem to be too fussy with the amount.
    You also have to install some sort of power utility (and register that too).

    It is good – my wife has an I7 13″ MacBook Air and runs Windows only on it – she is happier with it. Rather than cursing and about to throw it out the window.

    Unfortunately I work at a place that has MacBook Airs, last gen running Windows XP. The trackpad is really bad and I lose a lot of work due to accidental clicks.

  • Thanks!!! btw I’ve seen lots of crap sold for many dollars right from the beautiful and professional websites. So perhaps it’s more important that the tools are great. And they (mostly) are. The Power Plan utility is not the garbage, it’s really handful, plus it allows me to disable the keyboard lights with a mouse stroke. Trackpad++ makes the trackpad usable in Windows, adds the swiping and four-finger window switching and fixes the scrolling. Although there is definitely the space for improvement there are there, I’d better donate 20 bucks to support the project like this rather than pay some corporation for their super-new-2013 crap.

  • This program is highly destructive to the drivers on windows 7 running on a mac book air.

    Personal experience:
    installed the powerplan, and then the tracker++ software and it correupted my trackpad driver to the point it could not use it at all. Further more the software caused errors with .dll files and random error messages popped up. I have had to re-install windows on my mac and I am not happy.



  • woot! this is a perfect driver indeed! I’ve not experienced any ‘destructive’ issues with it. I have a fresh macbook air and windows 7 64-bit. it’s amazing they’ve managed to enable multitouch gestures in windows. something apple will never do, I guess )))

  • @Dr.Arthur

    try to uninstall the drivers, it is not possible as the drivers which came with the trackpad++ have irreversibly altered the drivers for the trackpad provided in the bootcamp.

    If supposing it has worked perfectly for you – lucky you!
    But then it does also indicate that, it is not a fully reliable software and that there exists bugs.

    At least I encourage everyone who wants to try this software to make a backup and test it – that it works and then go ahead with it (assuming you do not have a dedicated mac book air for only test purposes).


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